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My relative can ship a puppy for me if you wiah to have one of our puppies flown to you.
Our quality is unqiue so it is hard to find puppies with the same looks as ours. We have worked hard on our lines for years to achieve a specific appearance unique to only us.

Caring for small dogs & puppies, Maltipoo & Morkies tips
Want to learn how to better care for a new puppy? I hope so, because my Chihuahua  puppies for sale are small in size, and may require special care until they grow older. It's a big responsbility, but with a little help from me, you can care for your puppy like a pro. Learn more about puppy care with this Puppy Care Guide.

You'll learn about heating pads, electrical cord dangers, how often a little puppy should rest, and more useful advice.
Feeding Maltipoos and Morkies dry food.
Do you know how to feed a smaller, new puppy? It's more complicated than tossing dry food in their bowl and thinking it's enough.

That's fine when the puppy is older, but if you want to guarantee your Chihuahua  puppy reaches adulthood safely, then perhaps take a moment and read about the feeding small puppies tips guide I have written with feeding instructions inside for your benefit.
Vaccinations for Maltipoo, Morkie puppies, parvovirus symptoms
Hypoglycemia in dogs & puppies, Maltipoos, Morkies
Being a breeder, the CHhhuahua puppies I sell must go through a vaccination program, starting at 7 weeks of age. The vaccines protect them from deadly viruses and diseases. If you'd like to see more of our vaccine program, then take a look at the vaccine schedule we use for our puppies.

You can also learn the dangers of parvovirus, and how we prevent it with the most effective vaccine against it, called NeoPar.

Additionally, you'll learn the symptoms for parvo, how some veterinarians might pose a threat to your pet, and more.
Vaccinations In Small Puppies
Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is typically only found in sickly puppies. However, it can also be brought on if a puppy does not eat. Why would cause a puppy to lose their appetite?

Stress has the chance of preventing an appetite in a Chihuahua puppy, and is usually at its strongest when you first introduce a puppy into a new home. The unfamiliarity causes the stress, but the good news is it should only last a few days.

If you'd like to learn on you can do to support your puppy through those stressful days, and learn more about hypogylcemia, then read more on hypoglycemia in small puppies, where I give my thoughts on the subject.
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Reading Breeder Contracts- Breeders Refusing Warranty For               Contagious Illnesses Like Parvo! Protect Yourself
Read Breeder contracts and refuse contracts that state the warranty is exclusively for GENETIC ILLNESS and NO WARRANTY FOR CONTAGIOUS DISEASE.  Parvo is a contagious illness and can come from the Breeder home or kennel. Is that fair to you? Parvo is highly fatal.  A  "genetic only" warranty allows a Breeder to hold no liability for any contagious illness they sell a puppy with. The very least they can do is replace your puppy if your puppy dies from a contagious canine disease within 10 to 14 days after you take possession. Parvo has an incubation period of as short as 3 days, so it is possible the puppy could contract Parvo AFTER leaving the Breeder home, BUT if a Breeder vaccinates properly and gives at least two Parvo vaccines, they  should be able to ensure that your puppy is not vulnerable to contact Parvo after leaving their care. Parvo is usually fatal, most so then Veterinarians let on, because Vets often think they are treating Parvo, when they are treating non fatal illnesses that mimic Parvo. This leads them to think " Parvo" puppies survive more then they do

Most contagious illness have INCUBATION PERIODS which means the puppy can be infected at the BREEDERS HOME and not show any signs of illness until several days later AT YOUR HOME.  Parvo has an incubation period of 3 to 14  days which means, once infected, the puppy will act fine for one to two weeks while the virus multiples in the body. Be aware that many breeders are refusing to accept responsibility for Parvo once the puppy leaves their home. There are effective vaccines for Parvo and ethical Breeders should keep puppies long enough to ensure the puppies receive a minimum of two Parvo vaccines. Parvo is highly fatal and can cost the consumer thousands in hospital fees while the puppy still usually dies. At the very least a Breeder should be willing to replace your puppy if the puppy should die.
There are illnesses that mimic Parvo and treatment is only 1/5 or less the cost of treating Parvo. Many Veterinarians label any vomiting in a puppy as Parvo and this can set you up for a Vet proposed plan of treatment that can cost thousands. I truly believe that many so called cases of "parvo" that Veterinarians treat are actually cases of Campylobactor or other bacteria such as ecoli. Veterinarians will most always not do any testing to look for mimicking illnesses, but will label everything Parvo. Working against you is that if your puppy is already vaccinated with a vaccine for Parvo, then the fecal Parvo snap test will be positive. A parvo vaccine given days earlier will cause a false positive on the Parvo test!

ASK FOR A FECAL SLIDE TEST to be sent to a lab. The results will be back within 24 hours. This is a stool sample sent to a lab to check for food poisoning bacteria such as Campylobactor. Of course allow your Vet to  treat  your puppy during the 24 period while you wait for test results. Parvo mimicking illnesses only require supportive care and antibiotics and are rarely fatal, so your puppy should survive just fine. My opinion is that the actual Parvo survival rate is far far lower then Veterinarian claims, because they are many times not treating Parvo at all, but rather an intestinal bacteria. My opinion is that SICK PUPPIES ARE BIG BUSINESS for Veterinarians.

Why pay them thousands for treating "Parvo" when your puppy may not have Parvo?? Ask for the FECAL GLASS SLIDE TEST.  This slide test can RULE OUT mimicking illnesses so you will know for sure your puppy has Parvo or not. I feel this test should be part of Parvo screening, but then again if it was, many Veterinarian would lose out on thousands they make treating non Parvo illnesses......
Slide Gass Test  Can Rule Out Parvo Mimicking Illnesses And Could Save You Thousands!
                  Simple Parvo Snap Test Can Give False Positives Due to Vaccines