We are a reputable, experienced breeder, have a few Chihuahua litters a year.  Happy customers in Hollywood California, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Southern and Northern CA, including San Francisco and the Bay Area.Our quality is unqiue so it is hard to find puppies with the same looks as ours. We have worked hard on our lines for years to achieve a specific appearance unique to only us.

Caring for small dogs & puppies, Maltipoo & Morkies tips
Want to learn how to better care for a new puppy? I hope so, because my Chihuahua  puppies for sale are small in size, and may require special care until they grow older. It's a big responsbility, but with a little help from me, you can care for your puppy like a pro. Learn more about puppy care with this Puppy Care Guide.

You'll learn about heating pads, electrical cord dangers, how often a little puppy should rest, and more useful advice.
Feeding Maltipoos and Morkies dry food.
Do you know how to feed a smaller, new puppy? It's more complicated than tossing dry food in their bowl and thinking it's enough.

That's fine when the puppy is older, but if you want to guarantee your Chihuahua  puppy reaches adulthood safely, then perhaps take a moment and read about the feeding small puppies tips guide I have written with feeding instructions inside for your benefit.
Vaccinations for Maltipoo, Morkie puppies, parvovirus symptoms
Hypoglycemia in dogs & puppies, Maltipoos, Morkies
Being a breeder, the CHhhuahua puppies I sell must go through a vaccination program, starting at 7 weeks of age. The vaccines protect them from deadly viruses and diseases. If you'd like to see more of our vaccine program, then take a look at the vaccine schedule we use for our puppies.

You can also learn the dangers of parvovirus, and how we prevent it with the most effective vaccine against it, called NeoPar.

Additionally, you'll learn the symptoms for parvo, how some veterinarians might pose a threat to your pet, and more.
Vaccinations In Small Puppies
Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is typically only found in sickly puppies. However, it can also be brought on if a puppy does not eat. Why would cause a puppy to lose their appetite?

Stress has the chance of preventing an appetite in a Chihuahua puppy, and is usually at its strongest when you first introduce a puppy into a new home. The unfamiliarity causes the stress, but the good news is it should only last a few days.

If you'd like to learn on you can do to support your puppy through those stressful days, and learn more about hypogylcemia, then read more on hypoglycemia in small puppies, where I give my thoughts on the subject.
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