My Chihuahua puppies are fed high quality foods for optimal nutrition and health. If
you're planning to buy a pet puppy sometime in the future,
you'll need to know how you feed them. It's a little more
complicated than just throwing dry food at them, walking
away, and hoping they eat it. Let's find out why!

Chihuahua Puppies can be delicate, especially when they are of a
smaller, or teacup, in size. Taking the extra step down the
road of responsibility might be mandatory from you, but don't
sweat it. We, my family, are a responsible Breeder
located in California, and have been raising and feeding our
puppies for a long time.

Using our past experience, I've written this handy guide for caring individuals such as yourself, to help you feed your small puppy. So sit back, pay close attention, and your Chihuahua or Yorkie puppy will thank you when they grow up for putting forth the effort of learning how to feed them the right way.

We release our puppies at 12-14 weeks of age most times, and they weigh around 20 to 24 oz and will mature at 2 to 3 lbs grown. Puppies are small and fragile at this point in their lives, and it's up to you to take the appropriate steps to ensure your puppy gets the right amount of nutrition.

During this short puppy feeding guide, I'll go over the supplies you should have, how to feed your tiny puppy, and what to do if your puppy lacks an appetite. Let's begin!

Supplies For Your Chihuahua Puppy

These are the supplies I feel are absolutely necessary to have before bringing home your new teacup.

1. Esbilac Puppy Milk OR Goats Milk
Esbilac Puppy Milk provides essential nutrition for your developing puppy. It gives them delicious vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are very similar to a mom dog's milk. Goats Milk is a fine alternative, providing nearly the same important nutrients a young puppy needs.

You can find either of these in the milk area of your grocery store.

2. Gerber Baby Rice Flakes (This is optional. It's only for puppies who refuse to drink the Esbilac Puppy Milk or Goats Milk by itself)
Gerber Baby Rice Flakes is another alternative if your puppy is refusing the Esbilac Puppy Milk or Goats Milk. Can be found at your local grocery store.

3. Eukanuba chicken formulas.
I These dry foods both have simple ingredients in them, so your puppies shouldn't have any problems digesting the food. Puppies also seem to love the taste.

4. Nutrical
Nutrical is a handy calorie supplement to have. It's an easily disgested, low volume gel you can give to your puppy. Small puppies can sometimes burn more calories than they take in due to their playfulness, which can cause low blood sugar. Giving your growing teacup Chihuahua puppy an inch at midday and evenings

Nutrical can be ordered online at various websites.

5. KARO SYRUP, clear color
Karo Syrup is a life saver. If your Chihuahua  puppy has a sudden attack of low blood sugar, you'll be thankful you had some of this laying around. I'll tell you how to use this later on in the guide.

Note: Healthy puppies eat food. Eating directly counters low blood sugar from ever occuring. Logically then, if a puppy stops eating, it's likely because of an underlying sickness making them lose their appetite. A veternarian visit may be required to find the problem.

6. Ox-E-Drops
Ox-E-Drops are a simple and easy way of keeping water bacteria free. With just a drop or two, this can help assist the body in removing dangerous toxins, strengthen the immune system, and help give more endurance to your puppy.

7. Bene-Bac Gel
Stress to a Maltipoo puppy can be a major factor when entering your home, because it's so new to them! The transititional stress is temporary, but there's a chance it'll effect the appetite of your puppy. One way to support them during the transition is using Bene-Bac Gel. The gel contains healthly bacteria for balancing the digestive tract and aids the puppy with normal digestion.

You can order Bene-Bac Gel from here:

8. Nuvet
Nuvet is not available in stores. Many people assume this is merely a vitamin, but it's more than that. It's a complex supplement that may prevent early degenerative diseases. It helps support bones, muscles, and joints to prevent hip and knee ailments during a puppies rapid growth into adulthood.

Those are the supplies. Numerous as they may be, the safety and health of your dog should be your primary concern, and these commodities should ensure a safe trip into adulthood.

Now you know what you need, so next I'll explain how to feed your teacup Chihuahua puppy.

Feeding Teacup Puppies That Are 1 to 1 1/2 lbs.

1. The first piece of advice is an easy one. Make sure you always have dry food available for your puppy, so your Maltipoo can eat whenever they are hungry. It's known as "free feeding." Don't let your puppy ever run out of dry food!

2. Esbilac Puppy Milk or Goats Milk two to three times a day. If the puppy is refusing to drink the milk, try soaking some dry food in water and give it to them 2 times a day. Do this in addition to having dry food available for them at all times.

3. Give them Nutrical once during midday, everyday until the tube is empty.

4. WATER! This should be obvious but I'll go ahead and mention it anyways. Always have a filled water bowl for your puppy.

That's it! Let's take a look and see what to do if your puppy is lacking an appetite.

Lack of Appetite In a Puppy

A serious problem arises when you have a puppy who refuse to eat any food. In this circumstance, you may have to forcefully feed your tiny puppy, and if you are unsure how, then quickly drive them to a veterinarian and have him show you. If you want to take a shot at treating a lack of appetite or hypoglycemia, use the following instructions:

1. Try to tempt the puppy with some delicious Gerber Babyfood meatsticks. Often times they will find these things absolutely irresistable.

2. Use Nutrical three times a day on a puppy who is not eating. Give one inch in the morning, one inch at noon, and one at night. While you are giving him nutrical throughout the day, tempt him into eating Gerber Babyfood meatsticks or just regular meatsticks of any kind.

3. Try using unflavored Pedialyte. Use a large, child size medicine dropper and slowly squeeze the liquid into the puppies mouth. If the puppy is drinking water, putting some unflavored Pedialyte in said water is a good way to get some valuable nutrition in your Chihuahua

4. Try using a dropper and squeezing some Esbilac Puppy Milk into the mouth of the puppy. You can also try to give him a little Nutrical, or attempt to give whatever other items I've mentioned on this page.

5. Half a teaspoon of Karo Syrup, given three times daily can help a puppy recover if they are severely weakened by low blood sugar.

If all else fails and you still can't get your puppy to eat, you must take them to a veterinarian. Have the veternarian do a fecal test to try and determine what may be wrong.

Well, that's the end of the feeding guide. I hope you've learned something and find yourself with more confidence in raising a teacup Chihuahua puppy. Good luck on your puppy feeding endeavors!
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